10 Best Email Writing Tools for Productivity

By Vikas Kumar

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In this article, I’m going to share email writing tools for you to boost your productivity and do work as soon as possible.

Writing an email might sound simple, but digital marketers know it can be tough and essential to get it right. If your job involves sending or receiving emails every day, this blog post is for you. We want to share some fantastic email writing tools that can help you send the perfect emails to your audience.

You’ve probably heard the famous line from the movie Wall Street, where Jordan Belfort says, “Sell me this pen!” Nowadays, everything is done through email because the world has gone digital, and people care about the emails they receive. Doing everything manually can be a challenge, so you can rely on some automatic tools to assist you with email marketing.

Best Email Writing Tools for You!

#1. Grammarly

No matter where you’re from, folks will always form an opinion about you based on how well you write your emails. When we talk face to face, we don’t worry much about grammar. But when you send an email, it’s important to ensure it’s error-free. Grammarly is the tool that helps you spot spelling and punctuation errors and checks whether your sentences are active or passive.

In other words, Grammarly detects all types of grammatical errors. It gives you some good suggestions like how the sentence should be formed and whether you are using specific keywords to create a wrong impression on the customer. Grammarly can help you change the email structure in a way that can fetch specific leads and ultimately result in better sales.

The more you look professional in an email, the better the chances of having a great impression in front of customers. You can use Grammarly by installing a Chrome extension on the browser and checking the email before hitting it on the send button. 


  • It improves the writing and helps you achieve the pre-set goal.
  • You can check plagiarism and other tools to improve your email presence.
  • The support system is available for each hour of the day. 
  • Emails look more professional and create a good impression.

#2. Just Not Sorry (Chrome Browser)

Google Chrome browser is essential because the parent company Google has allowed so many great extensions on their app store that can improve your productivity in many ways. Just Not Sorry is also one of the Google Chrome extensions made for improving the writing skills of users who have been using it for a long time. This tool is designed in a way that will detect all the wrong phrases or sentences and correct them automatically.

You can use this extension while sending an important email because it will automatically detect the email context and open a new window where you will see the errors in the sentences being highlighted in various colors. Use those suggestions according to your needs and make your email look more professional. The highlighted words that are wrong are also shown with the reasons behind them, helping you better understand the email.

Writing an email or anything is a matter of conciseness, and this tool will help you improve the sentence phrasing, and word count improving and especially create a great impression on the receiver. 


  • It’s relatively quite easy to use.
  • Detect the mistakes in the email by highlighting those particular words.
  • You will get the suggestion for using the better word where the mistake is found.

#3. Sortd For Gmail (Chrome Browser)

There are times when you receive tons of emails every day, and if you are in the field where your job requires you to reply to each email daily, you should start using Sortd for Gmail. It’s an organizing tool made for Gmail users helping them to organize emails by using the drag-and-drop filter. You will have to select some emails that you think are essential or require special attention and put them under various categories.

If You want to put some emails into the different categories, then you have to click twice on those categories, and it will be done. Using Sortd has resolved many issues for us because we receive tons of emails from people, and it’s essential to sort important ones from spammy. Some other features, such as saving essential notes, are also quite fascinating because you can put a note to a particular client’s contact number and use it as a reference. 


  • You can set up tons of workboards without any issues.
  • Suitable for delegating the job among team members.
  • Helps you to mark important emails.

#4. Hemingway

Even though there are many writing tools available online, one cannot ignore the existence of Hemingway. It’s an online writing tool that you can use for better writing and improves email quality. The only thing you need to do is copy the context of the email that you want to send and paste it into the Hemingway application. 

The application will then analyze the text, correct the passive-active voices, spell mistakes, highlight adverbs, and do all other essential things. There are many features available in this tool that can improve your writing skills. The one thing that you can do to improve your email service is switch on the writing mode, and you will get tons of suggestions for writing a good email. 

Many people who have to write long essays or emails mentioning all the details can use this platform to better these contexts. Everything can be done according to your needs because customization is quite readily available. 


  • You can use the color codes to highlight the context.
  • It can import the document from any format easily.
  • You can share the document with your buddies.

#5. Boomerang Respondable

Boomerang Respondable is the type of tool made to correct all types of errors, improve writing skills, and make sure that the context you have out in is top-notch. If you want to write long essays for your papers or even emails for clients, you can use this tool to make it look more professional and excellent.

Usually, people don’t understand that a good email gets a positive response only if the email is correctly written. If the context you have used is correct and up to the right point, it will fetch more users and a positive response. Now Boomerang Respondable is the type of tool that helps you achieve this particular target. 

The tool is made with specific features like word count, politeness, subjectivity, reading level, and many other things that are made in such a way that will improve the reading level of emails. Usually, people forget about basic things like the writing style, tone, etc.; this tool will help you with it and make your email look efficient. 


  • The real-time analysis of how email is performing can be done.
  • Write emails that can fetch the actions of the consumers.
  • You can schedule an email in the recurring mode.

#6. Hubspot Sales Templates

Who knows better about marketing than the representatives, because many salespeople have to deal with email outreach more than any other person. Here you can use Hubspot sales templates to make your emails look great and increase your sales presence. People usually don’t believe this, but the first impression is the last is quite essential when you’re sending an email to a subscriber, which is new.

Hubspot Sales Templates comes with a pre-set email structure that you can use to improve your writing skills. For example, you can get the right idea about how the email should be crafted after reading or using one of the Hubspot sales templates.

You can customize these templates and later use them in the emails directly to save tons of your money, time, and effort. It will also improve your sales with a higher margin than you expected. 


  • You will get notified when the receiver opens the email.
  • It can help you to generate lots of professional emails and increase sales.
  • Use tons of great sales are generate email templates.

#7. Gorgias

Did you get bored of typing the same thing over some time because it’s pretty boring, right? Well, Gorgias is the type of tool that will help you create a template using the same repetitive words you are using in an email and a better yet fascinating email template. Usually,  people don’t get the idea behind why they should use a tool like Gorgias, but it’s mainly for saving your own time and effort.

You can create the template for various things like a sales pitch, emails to the clients daily, job letters, etc. Gorgias AI is developed so that it will read the repetitive words from your emails and give you a pre-set template based on that. 


  • You can easily attach it to the existing email service.
  • Use the templates according to the different types of audiences.
  • The support system is quite active and outstanding.

#8. TryShift

Many people don’t realize the importance of organizing the stuff, and that’s why in the last we decided to include the tool named Shift. It’s a desktop-based application that helps you organize various workflows, including various emails you send to the customers. Customize the workflow according to your needs and make essential changes.

You can place ethos apps on the top of the list you frequently use, such as Gmail, doc, etc., and this app will prioritize your desktop based on that sequence. It’s a productivity-based application that helps you improve your email services. 


  • It works with every type of email provider.
  • You can integrate various applications.
  • It helps you to do multitasking.

#9. Polymail

Polymail offers a great email-sending or receiving service, which usually lacks the majority of the tools. It’s nothing but an extension for MAC and works great for every user who has to handle tons of emails. When you receive an email on polynomials, it will show it with a detailed profile of the person, and that’s quite interesting. 

You can also check the time someone has read your email and get to know about their behavior. If someone is intentionally not reading your email even after sending it, such things tell a lot about those customers. 

You can schedule the outgoing emails with the name, email address, and time. The exciting thing about Polymail is that it helps you schedule incoming emails and other email service providers can’t do that quite easily. Unsubscribing from some email newsletters is pretty easy; here, you have to click on the unsubscribe button, and it will be done. 


  • You can categorize your emails quickly.
  • It also sends out reminders for taking follow-up emails.
  • You can sync other data like contact numbers, calls, and other details.

#10. If No Reply

As the name suggests, this extension is an excellent tool for those who are too lazy to follow the emails they have already sent. Usually, what happens is that many people don’t give you respond to the email in the required time. Now in such cases, what you have to do is use the If No Reply tool. 

It’s an extension available for every type of browser and works great with a Gmail account. You have to install this extension, which will work with your email account. Getting a follow-up is quite essential when you are targeting a certain amount of customers. Even though we can’t do that manually, especially when you have tons of customers in the follow-up category.

You can still use If No Reply; it also helps you edit the emails and improve the writing by correcting the grammatical mistakes. You can preview the email before hitting the send button and verify whether the matter of the email you are sending is correct or not. There are many templates available for free that can help you use them to take a follow-up email. 


  • There is an extension available for the Chrome browser.
  • Automatically templates are available that can help you to take the follow-up.
  • You can customize the email in the preview section.


These are the best email writing tools that you can use to write the best type of email to your subscribers. Usually, people don’t give much importance to writing because we have so many options nowadays. Still, the tools mentioned above are pretty necessary if you are genuinely passionate about email marketing. You can let us know which tool you liked the most and please give us suggestions too.

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