There is nothing perfect like language. But there are only a few people who have mastered the languages. Be it any language in the world, no one is perfect in speaking it or writing it according to the language rules, i.e., Grammar. Even though English is the most prominent language globally, not everyone is proficient in the same. With minor inconsistencies in the language, grammar, sentence structuring, and readability, we can notice the language’s variations. Even proficient English writers have to use third-party tools or services to check for grammatical inconsistencies in their written content. 

Having impeccable grammar is achievable through practice and study. But for many of us who have to work, it’s not always possible. We can avoid the embarrassment while sending an email, writing the content, or book by getting the grammar checked. There are a lot of best grammar checker tools on the internet, which do it for you. With the proper grammar-checking algorithm, these services are highly used by people in their day-to-day life. If grammatical errors in the text plague you, you should check out these six best grammar checker tools to eliminate grammar mistakes. 

Best Grammar Checker Tools You Must Try 

#1. Grammarly 

When you hear the word “Online Grammar Check,” you’ll hear about Grammarly. Grammarly is one of the most popular and widely used online grammar checker services, helping millions of people perfect the grammar in their texts. With the help of Grammarly, you can get everything checked. With Readability, Spelling Mistakes, Sentence Structures, Passive Voice, and Language Clarity, you can correct everything with precision. Not just that, Grammarly supports variations of the English languages, including American English, British English, and Australian English. You can save the documents, directly check the texts or even upload the document files to get them checked. Millions love Grammarly, so you should not miss using it. 

#2. Ginger 

Ginger is one of the best online grammar checker tools you can find on the internet. It’s considered the best tool to boost your productivity at the office and improve your writing skills. Ginger comes with a browser extension and an online portal to check grammatical errors. The online portal is just like Grammarly, which comes with all the options to open, save, load files. Also, it comes with all of the grammatical error solving, which makes it easier to improve your writing skills. With Ginger, you can check for Spelling mistakes, sentence structuring, and readability. If you are using any text editor website or even WordPress editor, Google Docs, Office Online, or anything else, the Ginger extension will automatically check for grammatical errors. Using Ginger is pretty convenient if you want to improve your language proficiency. 

#3. ProWritingAid 

Pro Writing Aid is one of the best grammar checker tools online. It comes with far more intelligent AI to detect grammar mistakes. It has more features than all of the other grammar checker tools that you can find online. Pro Writing Aid is helpful for those who always write. With proficiency in the language, you can easily attain clarity in the language. Also, you can check for grammar mistakes, sentence structuring errors, suggestions, synonyms, and many more. With multiple suggestions for each error, you can improve your writing style to your needs. One of the best things about Pro Writing Aid is that it provides error checking in real time, helping you eliminate any grammatical mistakes immediately. 

#4. WhiteSmoke 

Whitesmoke deserves to be on this list of the best grammar checker software online. But many people have no idea about the existence of this fantastic grammar checker tool. With the NLP or Natural Language Processing technology, WhiteSmoke checks for grammatical mistakes and sentence correction without hampering the text’s meaning. WhiteSmoke is considered the best option for academic people who are working on their academic projects. Unlike the other popular grammar checker tools, WhiteSmoke doesn’t have an extension for browsers, which restricts the users from accessing the platform for checking the content for grammatical errors. 

#5. After the Deadline 

Well, the hardcore bloggers will know about the After The Deadline. It’s a popular online grammar checker tool amongst bloggers who used to share their blogs on It’s a project for Automatic, who is the developer behind the WordPress framework. After The Deadline is a classic spelling, styling, and grammatical error checker for various platforms, you can download the browser extensions, access the tool in the editor, or even download the Windows software. This tool is best for personal use, and it’s free to use for a lifetime. 

#6. Hemingway 

Hemingway is one of the newest arrivals in the online grammar checker tools list. We included it in this list because of the excellent features it offers to the subscribers. With Hemingway, you can check for grammatical mistakes, and also check for the writing style. It offers you numerous suggestions, which makes it easier to make your content perfect from all angles. The best thing about the Hemingway editor is that it shows the Readability Score. With the readability score, you can understand if the content is understandable to all the audiences, or if it requires fine editing to make it readable. The only downside of using Hemingway is that it doesn’t have any browser extension, restricting you to the web-based editor platform. 

Final Words 

Our dependency on grammar checker tools has increased in recent days. The online grammar checker tools make it easier to identify and eliminate all the errors, spelling mistakes and correct the writing style. We’ve been using grammar checker tools for curating everything, including this list of the best grammar checker tools. I hope you’ve understood the features of all of these English grammar-checking tools.

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