6 Best Grammar Checker Tools for Writing Emails

By Vikas Kumar

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Are you looking for the best grammar checker tools for content writing?

Language isn’t perfect, and very few people are true masters of it. No one, no matter the language, is flawless in speaking or writing it, especially when it comes to grammar. English, being a global language, still poses challenges for many. Even skilled English writers often need help from tools or services to spot grammar errors in their writing.

Having perfect grammar requires practice and study, but not everyone has the time for it. To prevent embarrassment when emailing, writing, or creating content, you can use grammar checkers available online. These tools, equipped with effective grammar-checking algorithms, are widely used in daily life. If you struggle with grammar mistakes, consider trying these six top grammar checker tools to fix them.

Best Grammar Checker Tools You Must Try 

#1. Grammarly 

When you think of “Online Grammar Check,” you’ll likely hear about Grammarly. It’s a widely popular service that helps millions of people enhance their text’s grammar. Grammarly covers a lot – from readability and spelling errors to sentence structure, passive voice, and language clarity. It even supports different forms of English, like American, British, and Australian English. You can save your documents, check text directly, or upload files for review. Many people love Grammarly, so you shouldn’t miss giving it a try.

#2. Ginger 

Ginger is a great online grammar checker tool. It boosts your productivity and helps improve your writing. It has a browser extension and an online portal, much like Grammarly, for checking grammar errors. You can use it with various text editors like WordPress, Google Docs, and Office Online. Ginger makes it easy to enhance your language skills. Give it a try!

#3. ProWritingAid 

Pro Writing Aid is a top-notch online grammar checker with intelligent AI for spotting mistakes. It offers more features than other tools. It’s great for frequent writers, helping you achieve clarity in your writing. It checks for grammar, and sentence structure, offers suggestions, synonyms, and more. It provides multiple suggestions for each error, allowing you to improve your writing style. Plus, it checks for errors in real-time, helping you fix them right away. Give it a go!

#4. WhiteSmoke 

WhiteSmoke is a fantastic grammar checker tool often overlooked. It uses Natural Language Processing to find grammar mistakes without changing the text’s meaning. It’s especially useful for academics. Unlike other popular grammar checkers, WhiteSmoke lacks a browser extension, which means you need to visit the platform for checks.

#5. After the Deadline 

The bloggers who are really into it know about After The Deadline. It’s a popular online grammar checker, especially among those who share their blogs on WordPress.com. Automatic, the developer behind WordPress, created it. After The Deadline check for spelling, style, and grammar errors across different platforms. You can get browser extensions, use them in the WordPress.com editor, or download the Windows software. It’s great for personal use, and the best part is it’s free for life. Give it a shot!

#6. Hemingway 

Hemingway is a new addition to online grammar checkers, and it’s on our list for its excellent features. It helps with grammar and writing style, offering plenty of suggestions to improve your content. What sets it apart is the Readability Score, which helps you gauge if your content is easy to understand. The only drawback is it lacks a browser extension, so you need to use the web-based editor. Give it a try, and you’ll see how it can enhance your writing!

Final Words 

Our dependency on grammar checker tools has increased in recent days. The online grammar checker tools make it easier to identify and eliminate all the errors, and spelling mistakes and correct the writing style. We’ve been using grammar checker tools for curating everything, including this list of the best grammar checker tools. I hope you’ve understood the features of all of these English grammar-checking tools.

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