6 Best Email Validation Tools To Clean Invalid Email & Boost Open Rate

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Are you looking for the best email validation tools to check if an email is correct or not before sending an email?

Sending a good email to the customers is quite important because there are many things you have to consider to make a good conversion through those emails. If the email that you are sending to the list of customers is not getting the required result, ultimately resulting in a low click-through rate (CTR), then there is something you need to make changes. 

After researching a lot and testing ourselves, we decided to create a list of email verification tools to clean your email. These tools can be used for various reasons, and every marketer who has a good email list of subscribers needs to use them to filter out all the unnecessary emails. Email verification tools are quite great for use because they increase the click-through rate by eliminating all those crappy emails that were not useful. 

#1. ZeroBounce

When it comes to email verification and checking spam emails, many ghetto small organizations use ZeroBounce services. This tool is developed in such a way that you can check the email’s quality through various metrics. Whether there are any spam emails, authentication of emails being sent, what’s the CTR of email. 

There are many factors through which ZeroBounce through which this tool can check fake or misspelled types of emails. The main thing that many people don’t get is the fact that you don’t get to see tons of emails from a reputed product brand because they know how to use the list of subscribers sufficiently. Here are the key features of ZeroBounce.

  • Bulk Email Verification:- You can check the entire list of email subscribers in bulk quantity.
  • Use Verification API:- You can use the ZeroBounce verification API and integrate it with your site to filter out the bad emails.
  • Important Data of Customers:- The database of customers’ emails will include their names, addresses, phone numbers, etc., and you can later use it for yourself. 
  • Integration:- You can integrate the list with popular email service providers and use them accordingly. 

#2. MailerCheck

It would be unfair if you don’t know how valuable the services of MailerCheck are because they are pretty old and the best service provider in this industry. Mailercheck has integrated various tools, and it helps verify the authenticity of the emails through these tools.

MailerCheck reportedly has more than 1.1 million customers, and one can say why so many businesses prefer their services. Email verification, address checking, syntax error removal, types, etc., are found by the tool and removed later on. 

Here are the main features of Mailcheck:-

  • Integration of Tools:- Various popular email providers have been integrated and used by MailerCheck that increase efficiency. 
  • Bulk Verification:- You can upload the list of email subscribers in bulk and get them verified individually. 
  • Report:- The results of email verification are presented in the correct report format, which is readable and understandable.

#3. Mailfloss

When it comes to discovering the emails’ flaws, there are very few tools that will do that job perfectly. MailFloss helps you to detect every type of flaw associated with an email list. You can integrate the list of subscribers, and the AI of mail floss will do the rest of the work. People who are not good at filtering out information can use this tool efficiently. 

Convertkit, Drip, and Mailchimp are the types of tools integrated into MailFloss and work quite efficiently to filter out spam emails. The tool will verify the address, name, and other information of the email holders and then present you with the essential information that you can use to target different audiences. 

One of the major reasons anyone wants to use email verification tools is to know what type of customers are fetching lower click-through rates and how to avoid them; Mailfloss helps you do that quite easily. Here are the main features of Mailfloss.

  • Daily Filtering Out:- You don’t need to spend hours cleaning up the list; Mailfloss does that for you daily.
  • Integrating Tools: The extensive integrations of tools with Mailfloss help users get the required email list and improve efficiency.
  • Large Amount Of Verification:- The bulk verification of emails is quite significant, and you can upload the list of emails in various formats and get it verified.

#4. NeverBounce

There are very few brands that you can rely on when it comes to trustworthiness, and NeverBounce is one of those. They have more than 100,000 clients, and it’s increasing because of the correct type of email verification services they have been providing for a long time.

The main focus of NeverBounce is to verify emails in bulk quantity. You can also check the emails individually and get the required information about what types of emails are not suitable for targeting and improving the overall click-through rate.  

  • Easy Verification:- You can verify millions of emails per month without any worrying, and the tool uses the correct algorithm to filter out unnecessary information.
  • Check The Bounce Rate:- You can verify the bounce rate of emails you are targeting and remove all those unnecessary emails from the list. 
  • Various Integrations:- You can integrate multiple types of tools with email providers and check how everything works. Verify the address, name, and the response you are getting after sending an email to the customer.

#5. EmaiListVerify

When it comes to verifying emails by large business organizations, EmailListVerify is the name that pops up in everyone’s mind. Their extensive service of verifying billions of emails has impressed everyone in the industry. 

This service has been integrated with Shopify, Rackspace, and MailChimp and is used by millions of businesses worldwide. Email verification is essential, and there are many other tools integrated with EmailListVerify, increasing your email marketing efficiency.

Every digital marketing company that runs social media ad campaigns uses this tool to filter out invalid email addresses and improve ROI and CTR. 

  • Integration With Large Platform:- There are many large platforms integrated with EmailListVerify, and you can use them to target the correct type of audience.
  • Email API:- You can use the email API and integrate it with tools and check the bulk number of email subscribers. Many people have to use an extensive email list, and the tool will help you filter out the information. 
  • Bulk Verification:- Many email subscriber lists have to be verified in bulk quantity, and the tool helps you do that quite easily. 

#6. Hunter.io (Emai Verifier)

They have so far provided services to big brands like Seagate, EE, and Box, and more than 19 billion emails have been verified by the tool so far, and the number is increasing every day. The UI is quite simple and easy to use for anyone who even doesn’t have any experience. 

The temporary email list is filtered out, any syntax errors are removed, and the email subscribers’ list is improved with the help of filtering out everything. When you target the emails, the one thing you have to do is use the data correctly and then optimize it further. 

Small yet quite important errors like spelling mistakes are also made by the EmailChecker, which is essential when you have a large amount of email list in your possession. Here are the main features of EmailChecker.

  • Automated API:– You can integrate the automotive API with the email list and do the bulk research in the shortest period. The automation process is quite tremendous and saves tons of your time. 
  • Bulk Email Verification:- You can verify the email list in the bulk quantity, and there is no need to worry about authenticity because the data is protected and verified instantly. 
  • Ecommerce API Integration:- You can integrate the e-commerce API with an email list and target the suitable types of customers for your product or services, which would ultimately help you improve CTR and ultimately a good ROI. 


These are the best email verification tools to clean your email list, and you can use these tools to target the right customers. People who are always searching for a good product can be targeted with email marketing quite well. Email marketing of the correct type of customers is what you need to increase sales and maintain a good customer relationship.

Many email verification tools are there in the market, but we came up with this list after verifying and reviewing each of them. So if you have any doubts or questions about this list’s usability, you can leave a comment down below.

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